What Our Patients Have to Say

Strongly Recommend

“As my glaucoma progressed, I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Dealy and her team. Their treatment approach of ongoing testing, review and mutual discussion on treatment options has helped to protect my vision over the last 10 years. For that, I am truly grateful and would strongly recommend their practice.”

–Andrew M.

Knowledgeable and Thorough

“This is an excellent facility. I have glaucoma and have been treated by Dr. Dealy for over four years. Mine is not an easy case and Dr. Dealy has been so knowledgeable and thorough in answering all questions. She has always spent the time necessary to put me at ease. The front office staff are kind, welcoming, and genuine.”

–Alvin H.

Seamless Cataract Surgeries

“Office staff is extremely pleasant, professional, and very efficient. They are always helpful and answer any questions when you phone in. Dr. Dealy is great. Cataract surgeries were seamless. Dr. Dealy has a genuine interest in the health of the patient’s eyes and takes her time explaining any issues regarding your eyes. Also, answers any questions patient may have. Would highly recommend.”


Why Choose Ophthalmology and Eye Consultants?

Ophthalmologists complete 12 to 13 years of training and education, and are licensed to practice medicine and surgery. This advanced training allows ophthalmologists to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses and perform eye surgery.

Because they are medical doctors, ophthalmologists can sometimes recognize other health problems that aren’t directly related to the eye, and refer those patients to the right medical doctors for treatment.

Dr. Heather Dealy founded Eye Consultants in 2009 and has continued to provide skilled surgical and medical management of anterior segment eye diseases with a focus on glaucoma to patients from across the state of Delaware. Eye Consultants has a patient centered approach to eye disease and is committed to providing each individual with an exceptional experience. Every year the breadth and depth of medical information and surgical techniques increases. Dr. Dealy is committed to bringing these updates, advances and changes to ophthalmic care to her patients.


Medical Eye Exams

An ophthalmic examination consists of an evaluation of your vision, intraocular pressure check, evaluation of your ocular motility and usually a dilated examination. Eye drops are instilled in the eye in order to cause dilation of the pupil. This allows the ophthalmologist to see inside the eye, and more readily diagnose underlying conditions or problems. A typical dilated eye exam take about an hour of a patient’s time, as twenty minutes are needed for the medications to cause adequate dilation of the pupil. This enlargement causes mild sensitivity to light, and mild impairment of a person’s near vision. Depending on the color of your eyes, the effect may last several hours or in rare cases until the next day.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious loss of vision. Yearly dilated eye exams are required by many primary care doctors, endocrinologists and insurance carriers when patients have a diagnosis of elevated blood sugar.

Surgical Services

When surgery is required in order to improve your vision due to cataracts or secondary to glaucoma or other related conditions, the Surgical Coordinator at Eye Consultants will work with you to schedule the surgery in a timely fashion and work with your Primary Care Physician to obtain medical clearance for the procedure.


A refraction is the test required to determine your glasses prescription. It allows the doctors and technicians to identify the numbers required by an optician to make you a pair of glasses, or even order you contact lenses. This part of the examination is not always covered by insurance, and is better performed prior to dilation of your eyes. Eye Consultants is not an optical shop. While we are happy to provide you with the service of refractions, we do not make glasses or provide routine fitting of contact lenses.

High Risk Medication Monitoring

There are many medications that can have adverse ocular events, from dryness on the surface of the eye to serious retinal damage. A complete eye exam with diagnostic testing can be required yearly to help monitor for potential toxic effects of some systemic medications.

Prescription Refills

Compliance with medical treatment of eye disease is important. The staff uses both a prescription refill line, online request, and information sent to us from your pharmacy to continue authorizing your current medications. Most requests are handled within 24 hours. Visit our patient portal or call 302-998-2333 for more information.

Glaucoma Consultations

Many patients are referred to our office from their primary eye care doctor or other ocular specialist for a second opinion regarding their glaucoma care or even to help make the diagnosis of glaucoma. If you have an upcoming visit for a glaucoma evaluation and have had testing in the form of Visual Fields or Optic Nerve analysis performed elsewhere, this information can help aid in your evaluation. Please help us by obtaining copies of this important information and provide it to the staff at the time of your visit.

Cataract Evaluations

A thorough cataract evaluation involves several diagnostic evaluations of a patient’s eye, and usually arises if the patient is having trouble seeing clearly for reading, or experiencing difficulty driving. A typical visit can take at least an hour, especially if patients wish to discuss all the current options regarding lens replacement or cataract surgery.

Online Payments

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