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Eye Consultants is a Delaware Ophthalmologist proudly providing comprehensive vision care with compassion. Finding treatment for glaucoma, cataracts or other eye conditions can be daunting. Dr. Dealy works with our patients to ensure they understand their care options and feel confident with their treatment plan.

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Why do I need an eye exam?

If you’ve never had a dilated eye exam, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that everyone have a complete medical eye exam by age 40, and then as often as recommended by your ophthalmologist. Even if you’re healthy, it’s important to have a baseline eye exam, to compare against in the future and help spot changes or problems.

Without healthy vision it can be difficult to work, play, drive or even recognize a face. Many factors can affect eyesight, including other health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes. Having a family member with eye disease can make you more prone to having that condition.

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Why Our Ophthalmology Practice?

Our patients are dealing with anything from routine issues to permanent, vision-threatening eye conditions that significantly impact their lives. It’s our job to provide the best possible treatment and management of those diseases.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Strongly Recommend

“As my glaucoma progressed, I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Dealy and her team. Their treatment approach of ongoing testing, review and mutual discussion on treatment options has helped to protect my vision over the last 10 years. For that, I am truly grateful and would strongly recommend their practice.”

–Andrew M.

Knowledgeable and Thorough

“This is an excellent facility. I have glaucoma and have been treated by Dr. Dealy for over four years. Mine is not an easy case and Dr. Dealy has been so knowledgeable and thorough in answering all questions. She has always spent the time necessary to put me at ease. The front office staff are kind, welcoming, and genuine.”

–Alvin H.

Seamless Cataract Surgeries

“Office staff is extremely pleasant, professional, and very efficient. They are always helpful and answer any questions when you phone in. Dr. Dealy is great. Cataract surgeries were seamless. Dr. Dealy has a genuine interest in the health of the patient’s eyes and takes her time explaining any issues regarding your eyes. Also, answers any questions patient may have. Would highly recommend.”